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A little bit about me

 “My name is Christine and I am…”

This was one of the first intellectual exercises thrown at us on the Foundation Art and Design Course at the start of my degree journey.  We were given A4 paper and on each sheet we had to put the above followed by the qualifying word or phrase which had to be artistically depicted.  It was a fun start to what became a life  changing process.  I depicted words like colourful, abstract, childish and (welcome to the dark side) disturbed…slashed, burnt, torn etc.  My very last one  intentionally reflected my hopes, dreams, doubts and insecurities of the moment. I left it blank with just

                                   “...an artist?”

12 years on from that point I am  still learning, still seeking limits and constantly trying to prove that statement.  I have been driven to creative pursuits all my life, having drawn and painted for as long as I can remember but it was University was the crucible in which a more confident and adamant me was formed. Here, my artistry burgeoned and my ethos established itself.  I have undertaken further higher study in art and other subjects, most notably photography and astronomy.  This study has strongly influenced work and I spent 2 years primarily working with photography, exploring the bounds of creative manipulation.  You can see some of the results by clicking on the processes picture to the right and more examples in Photography from the Gallery page or pull down menu above right.   Click on sketches for examples from my sketchbooks which I am never without nor afraid to use anywhere.  The section on processes highlights some of the ways an artwork develops in different mediums.  



Art isn’t a career, it’s a state of being